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About Us

A very different consultancy company

We put our customers at the heart of everything that we do. In fact, our entire business model is based around customer satisfaction, from the way that we manage the engagement, down to the solution delivery and aftercare.

Our commitment

We only employ people who love technology and understand customer care and customer service. Peace of mind is easy when you choose Nico Consultancy. We will work with you to deliver the service we promise.
Nico Consultancy was set up to provide totally independent impartial advice.

We will work with you to reduce costs, understand your systems and harmonise the business and technology. Strategic business alignment is essential to any organisation wishing to maximise their IT investment, Nico Consultancy have experts ready and able to help your organisation realise its’ true potential.

Our consultants are all Prince II trained and many have MBA’s so that they truly understand the business requirements and translate them into technical deliverables. Our aim is to reduce, not increase cost and to help organisations realise how IT/IS can be a driver for saving money.

Our core values

Nico Consultancy, has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, maintaining consistently high standards in all areas of corporate responsibility. We are a learning organisation that passionately believes in personal and organisational development.

We seek to:

  • Attract, retain and develop the best people.
  • Learn from everything we do and put this knowledge into making ourselves and the organisation better.
  • Reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Support the communities in which we operate.
  • Be transparent in our communication and operations.
  • Encourage and support these principles with companies we have partnership arrangements.


We work with all of our stakeholders, clients, employees, governmental organisations, the wider community and companies who we partner with. We endeavour to develop close relationships with all our stakeholders and believe that our behaviour is influenced and dictated by our core values.

Our values start with our commitment to excellence in everything that we do. Why do a job badly when for the sake of a few more minutes you can do it well and ensure that it does not have to be revisited.

What makes us different?

The culture of the company can be summarised in two distinct ways:

Customer interaction:
  • Care – in everything we do;
  • Consideration – to everyone, no matter who they are or their role;
  • Completeness – do the job right first time every time, the task is not complete until the paperwork is finished;
  • Customer – is the most important people, without our customers we do not have a business.


Our internal culture:
  • Integrity – We are honest, open and uncompromising in our commitment to our standards. We welcome the responsibility that comes with the trust our stakeholders place in us;
  • Communication – We understand that this is critical to everything we do and underpins all of our values and beliefs. We tell you what to expect, when to expect it and then what was delivered. More importantly after the engagement we don’t just walk away we always hold a lesson learnt meeting to reflect and see where improvements can be made;
  • Passion – We really enjoy what we do, it stimulates and drives us and this energy comes through in everything we do. Everyone in the organisation is important and this is demonstrated by the dedication, enthusiasm and energy we all bring to our work;
  • Innovation – We challenge the established way of doing things and seek to anticipate future developments. Everyone in our organisation is encouraged to bring in new ideas, develop new ways of working and suggestions for automating tasks;
  • Teamwork – We work as a team to create value for our clients. We value the contribution of individuals and encourage suggestions and change;
  • Excellence – We treat every task with the same level of commitment and always strive to deliver the best possible service. We are continually looking for ways to improve and actively encourage our staff and customers to tell us what they think.