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Operations Consultancy

We specialise in taking the leg work out of your Moves and Changes

With our automated audit tools, skilled analysts and qualified engineers, the hardest part about your move will be deciding where you want to go.

IM&M Intelligent Management & Moves

IM&M is our in-house developed suite of tools providing you with visibility, control, security and reporting across all of your IP devices.

We transcend the traditional intelligent cable management systems by focusing not on the physical cable but on the devices at either end. This subtle difference ensures that no matter what happens you have complete visibility and control.

Move and change costs can be reduced by as much as 80%, loss of equipment can be almost eradicated and time consuming audits and checks are a thing of the past but this is just the start, combined with our Software as a service and Automation as a service we can help you increase your efficiency, reduce the time you spend on menial tasks and free you and your team up to spend time on projects that take your organisation forward.

IT Operational Management

We don’t like Outsourcing to us this implies that you are giving away control, flexibility and dedication. We prefer the term In-sourcing where you keep control, the people still work for you and they still have the dedication and commitment to go the extra mile.

In-sourcing gives all the benefits that you would expect from the traditional outsource solution such as control of costs, increased efficiency, concentration on core business functions, access to skilled resources when required, savings on infrastructure and technology etc. but it helps to also alleviate the risks of lack of ownership or responsibility, lack of allegiance and the nine to five mentality that is often synonymous with outsourcing.

We work with you to understand your business and to ensure that you have the right level of support and resources to maximise your investment in IT. We are an investors in people and all of our staff are highly trained to ensure that you have visibility and control and that IT services are underlying and supporting your business needs.


Bespoke or in-sourced support that fits your business

Using our own developed suite of automated tools we can find every IP device and automatically associate it with the switch port that it is connected on. We can see what is moving, down or newly added to the network. We can alert if a critical device is disconnected and create automated move and change reports.

We have teams who can either monitor remotely, provide an ad hoc onsite services or we can put a team on site if required. If you are planning a move we have the planners, builders and IT professionals ready to assist from the smallest to the largest project requirement. We have dedicated architects who understand your requirements, planners who have worked on numerous large complex projects, builders who understand space planning, partition placement, ventilation and environmental ergonomics.

Harmonise your networks, intelligence, communications and operations

Operations is more than just keeping the lights and the computers on, it is about having the right resources in the right place at the right time. It is about planning and executing change in a controlled way that is underpinned and supported. It is about communication and risk control, so that people know what to expect and what happens if it goes wrong.

We have the experts to deliver everything from the strategy planning through the operational running – either remotely or on site – through to the change and upgrading of technology at the end of its operational life.

As well as monitoring and maintaining all your IT environments we bring in services and solutions to create operational efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance your green credentials and increase the visibility across all of your IT estate. We believe in transparency in everything we do or say and will provide clear, concise documentation to back up everything we do.

No job is too big or too small and we pride ourselves on our dedication and professionalism so that you can be sure that you are getting value and service from every task we do on your behalf.