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IT Management Consultancy

Strategic IT management is not the same as operation Management.

IT underpins almost everything we do in business, operational management and strategic management are two distinct disciplines that often get confused as one and the same. In our view Strategic IT management is about aligning the business need with the IT deliverable. IT Operational management is about making it happen.

Strategic IT Alignment

Aligning the business goals and aspirations with the IT deliverable is something almost every company aims to achieve but seldom does. Often the perception is that we are working together but the communication is in totally different languages.

This is where we can help by providing a translation service from business to IT and IT back into business. No more confusion, miss-understandings or miss-communication. We have straight talking senior executive who are able to provide a reliable cost effective service to help every department in your organisation get the most from IT.

From writing a flexible IT strategy that underpins your business, growth, goals and aspirations, to working with your IT teams to help them understand the language, terminology and issues faced by your business on a daily basis.

We have solutions to fit every type and size of organisation and each engagement is tailored for your unique requirements. No two companies are the same and no two people are the same which is why all of our engagements are unique.

Cost Effective IT management

Too Small or is it just too expensive to have an IT Director / CIO? Do you have an IT strategy and does it underpin your business goals, plans and objectives? If the answer is no, we can provide the solution at a fraction of the cost. More importantly we bring in new ideas and different perspectives from our experience and our other customers.

IT management and IT delivery are separate topics, you would not take a coach driver and expect him to be able to drive a HGV1 articulated lorry with trailer, granted a good driver will more than likely be able to perform the task but it is an entirely different skill set. Yet we often expect technicians to also be our strategists, project managers and source of all information relating to technology.

We translate technical into business so that you can make informed decisions and then business back into technical to get the job done. We match the skills and the personality of the senior manager to the culture and requirements of your organisation, so that you get someone who speaks your language at every level and at a cost you can afford.

technology underpin business
Intelligent Infrastructure

Imagine your business and technology in perfect alignment.

IT/IS is often critical to organisations but it is also often misunderstood and not used to its’ full potential. Understanding how to align the IT/IS with the business goals and objectives will not only help reduce costs but will also ensure that your business is agile and responsive to your customers’ needs.

Nico Consultancy have trained consultants who are at the leading edge of organisational alignment and can provide business models to assist any size or type of organisation wishing to maximise their investment in technology.

There are many barriers to becoming an aligned organisation. Nico Consultancy can help identify and break down the barriers which often exist in organisations. We show people the potential benefits of becoming engaged and help to break down the myths and barriers which are often built up in an organisation over time.

See how you can reduce risks and still reap rewards

IT Audits and Risk assessments are often misunderstood or not undertaken. If a company is going to spend a considerable amount of money on a new project isn’t it sensible to assess the risks before committing to the project. Regardless of the project type (in-house development, outsourced, new building or relocation) ensuring that the goals and objectives can be reached in the time-frames and within the budget must be important.

And yet we can all point to projects that have over run and are over budget, just look at almost all of the Public sector projects. Why is this? Surely they have teams of people assessing the risks and impact of the project.

Well no, often a project audit and risk assessment is no more than lip service by people who often do not understand the requirements, the scope or the time-frames. Nico Consultancy have been involved in global projects from both an infrastructure and development perspective and we can offer an independent assessment of any project so that you don’t rush blindly into the sales pitch.