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Network Consultancy

Take control of your network

It’s easy to get lost in any large infrastructure, but we can use our skills and tools to restore visibility, document your complex systems, and give you back control of your network.

Network innovators

From switches, routers, telephony and wireless – to firewalls and packet-shapers – we can advise and assist. We constantly seek innovation in our methods and technology to ensure that we reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance security.

All of our consultants have extensive networking experience and training, which allows us to create IT solutions which underpin your business needs. Whether it’s off-the-shelf or a bespoke solution, we deliver the package that is right for your organisation.

Automated tools

Green IT

Whether you’re looking to bring your organisation in line with new government energy mandates, save the environment, or reduce your costs – we can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Up to 60% of your energy usage will be electric, which includes heating, cooling and lighting as well as your IT equipment. We can help you to reduce this often by as much as 50%, which in turn can realise considerable cost savings for your organisation.

Saving the environment is an admirable goal, and we can all play a part in achieving it. However, it also makes good business sense which saves you money. Creating green initiatives not only shows that you care about the environment, it also shows that you are in control of your expenditure, and efficient in your management of one of the largest operational costs that every business has to bear.

Electrical consumption by heating, cooling, ventilation
Electrical consumption by lighting
Electrical consumption by equipment
Other electrical consumption