People methogologyP.E.O.P.L.E

Many years ago, I was asked to an IT manager’s round table to discuss what was happening in the industry. Towards the end of the event the compere said I will be going around the table asking every fourth person to sum up the event.

I counted around the table and then sat back in the knowledge that I wouldn’t need to comment, half a bottle of red wine later the summing up started. I watched as we went around the table putting the spot light on the selected people who had time to come up with a witty or thought-provoking response.

The person next to me did his 30 seconds and then to my horror and dismay instead of moving two along I heard my name called out. With no time to think I came out with the first thing that came to mind and said, “it’s all about the people” there was a murmur around the room a few nods of the head and I sat back smiling to myself, I had got away with that one.

I used to chuckle about this incident and occasionally give a rendition of the incident to people as a way of explaining thinking on your feet. It wasn’t until much later that I actually thought about what I had said and realised by pure accident what I had said was correct and as we go to agile working, BYOD (bring your own device) flexi work etc. it is people who will make this work.

So, what is P.E.O.P.L.E and why is this important? Well simply, people work better when the environment is set up to make their lives easier. No one wants to walk into an environment where they need to hunt for resources such as a desk etc. before they can start and everyone works better when they feel they are important and the business is giving them the tools to succeed.

So, what is the P.E.O.P.LE methodology:


PLAN – Traditional office layouts are not configured or indeed intended for an agile workforce and yet this is where most organisations are moving. But more than this planning the way a building is utilised will highlight where efficiencies can be made.

EVALUATE – Once you have a clear understanding and visibility of your estate you can start to make changes that enhances the working environment. More importantly, with visibility and knowledge you can start to plan for the future.

OBSERVE – Make a change and see if the changes provide the expected results . Gain feedback from your teams and put this back into the system.  We provide automated tools to give you the ability to see the full picture.

POPULATE – We automatically create a database which enable you to physically see what is occurring down to a minute’s granularity. Combined with reports that show trends over time, enables you to use all your resources to their optimum.

LEARN – Information in any form is only as good as the way it is used. We provide the information and can assist with the analysis. Giving you the ability to learn, adapt and grow as your business challenges and demands change and adapt.

EXECUTE – Once you have all the information, all of the visibility and you have started to see the results, you can make business decision to transform your organisation.

Agile, customer focused, using an environment that is managed and matched to your changing business needs and requirements. People, with the right tools and environment to enable them to create successful customer solutions together.