Nico Consultancy and the IM&M product suite sign Memorandum of understanding with the Chinese Shunde Business Association to help further Anglo / China trade.

Paul Wells CEO Nico Consultancy recently visited China as part of a trade delegation led by Prince Michael of Kent to help establish and further UK – Chinese trade relationships.

As part of this historic visit Nico Consultancy signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Amy Hayward President of the Shunde Business Association to help build up trade and relationships between our two organisations.

signing agreement

The trip was a great success with Paul presented his vision for sustainable buildings and the IM&M software suite to a packed audience at CEBIT Foshan in the industrial heart of China and then again to a selected number of business leaders from the Guangdong province.

Paul presentation was based on environmental, energy and occupancy management explaining that buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy used, and as much as one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions, both in developed and developing countries. China are taking this problem very seriously and it was obvious why as the level of pollution and the quality of the air in Foshan was not good at all.


CEBIT show 2018 China


Paul summed up the trip saying “It was a great trip we made a lot of new friends and are probably equally known in China now following all the media coverage of our environmental message as  we are in the UK. The Chinese understand the problem of greenhouse gases far better than us as they experience the problems every day, whereas here in the UK we are still to a large extent naive to the damage we are doing.”

The trip culminated with a business trip to Hong Kong where the IM&M solutions were presented to a number of interested parties from Facilities Management companies to landlords of buildings. Hong Kong  has similar issues to the UK in terms of building management and understanding how a building is occupied and as   Paul explained unless you know what you have, where it is and how it is used you have no way of moving towards an agile, smart, environmentally friendly environment going down particularly well with the Hong Kong audience.

Our goal is to provide the tools and services for those organisations to be able to make informed decisions to help the environment, reduce energy consumption and make the working environment work for everyone in the organisation. We have recently registered the following trade mark “IM&M Saving the planet one building at a time” as we believe that we need to help save the planet and the only way to do this is one building at a time