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Bringing experience knowledge and understanding.
Aligning the business goals and aspirations with the IT deliverable is something almost every company aims to achieve but seldom does. IT management and IT delivery are separate topics yet they are often combined out of necessity. We can provide senior level CIO/CTO’s translating technology into plain English so that you can make informed business decisions. We have a price for every budget from a day rate when required to a senior manager on call when you need them.

We match the skills and the personality of the senior manager to the culture and requirements of your organisation, so that you get someone who speaks your language at every level and at a cost you can afford. More importantly you don’t get one view our CIO/CTO’s work with a number of customers so you get a fresh perspective and if they still don’t have the answer they have a team of people they can call upon to assist.

Each Senior IT strategists brings a wealth of experience and together they provide a depth of knowledge that is unsurpassed, for you to call upon. Below is a small subset of the skills sets that we have available ready to help take your business to the next level.

Cost effective IT Management
IT Finacial Control
SME IT Strategy
IT Outsouce
Development Strategist
Please remember this is only a very brief overview of some of our senior management team if you don’t see exactly what you require please call us today. We will work with you to understand your business and our recommendations are always based on meeting your requirements.

More importantly it is your decision to proceed, we don’t do hard sale unless it is negotiating an IT contract on your behalf. If you want to save money, harmonise and gain visibility over your IT expenditure and more importantly translate your business requirements into IT deliverables contact us today.