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Communication Consultancy

Not just telephony management

A modern business has to adapt to industry changes in order to survive. Communications is now more than just telephony; it’s about unifying a range of different media platforms – bringing the people in your organisation together anytime, anywhere.

Effortlessly connected to the people in your business

Having managed and installed numerous solutions we can provide truly independent advice and assistance. Communications have changed beyond comparison in the last few years and IP telephony has become almost obligatory.

In the past the systems were large and complicated but the actual connectivity was still a two pair cable, with the advent of IP Communications engineers need to understand far more, as well as being a telephony expert we need to understand networking, video conferencing, federation and a host of other services.

We help you to make sense of the myriad of different options in plain English, so that you can make informed decisions. We look at everything from the capital and operational costs, through to the space used and the features sets that each solution provides.

More importantly we will look at your current and future business model to ensure that the chosen solution not only facilitates your current needs but has the ability to continue to grow in line with your unique business requirements.


  • We partner with specialists across a range of solution providers, including Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya and Mitel.
  • Brand independence allows us to provide the best solutions to integrate with your existing systems.
  • Find out where you can save money with full visibility of your assets and connectivity.


  • Hosted solutions suit organisations with minimal IT departments, and prove cost effective with lower capital expenditure.
  • Achieve unified communication across platforms by taking a call on your mobile, tablet, or PC.
  • Our network and communications experts will work with you to plan, implement and maintain your solutions.