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See Occupancy in Real Time

One of the largest costs to any business is procuring and maintaining workspaces for your employees. But what about all the workspaces that go unused throughout the year? We can help you utilise your business’s workspaces to the fullest, letting you make huge cost-savings and make better logistic decisions.

Workplace Space & Occupancy Management Planning
If you want to understand how to effectively use your available space, or if you’re looking to rationalise or expand,  you have a young workforce that wants to work in a more flexible way, maybe you want to offer more home working and hot desking or if you are simply looking to go agile, you need to understand and be able to track your current utilisation.

As organisations become more agile this real time data is vital to enable you to make informed meaningful business decisions. Actively managing the way that buildings are occupied organisation like yours gain not only considerable savings but also visibility and control through real-time analysis.

Often studies or investigations into how buildings are used is based on historic information and use data trends to predict future requirements. Whilst this is a good starting point this often means that your analysis could be based on information that is out of date or even obsolete, before you even start to use it.

We provide real time management from desk sensors on hot desks, to users logged in and working at their allocated position to enable you to:

  • Understand how their space is utilised
  • Save thousands of pounds in rent, rates, heating, cooling and power
  • Build an environment that works for the organisation and the employees within it