Ever wondered if you’re getting value for the money you spend on IT, are you too small to employ an IT director or someone to provide oversight to your IT full time. If so, we can help, for a small monthly fee we can provide IT Management oversight and advice so that when you make a decision it is the right one at the right price.

We have staff who have year of experience both in managing and implementing IT into organisations of all sizes and sectors. A number of our senior staff as well as holding technical qualification also have business qualifications.

My name is Paul Wells I am the principle director at Nico Consultancy, I holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and have a diploma in the Psychology of Management from the Chartered Institute of Personal Development which is underwritten by Herriot Watt University as well as numerous technical qualifications.

So what do we do?

  1. We provide the conduit between the business and IT, we act as translators turning technical jargon into plain English
  2. We provide technical insight into business decisions, so that your IT underpins your business goals and objectives
  3.  We scrutinise and critique third party IT services, often creating substantial saving through cost efficiencies and scrutiny of IT spend
  4. We are vendor and service agnostic so will ensure that the best solution is recommended not the most profitable
  5. We work alongside your business teams to ensure that IT is delivering value to the business
  6. The engagement can be as simple as using us as a sounding board for growth or other organisational change to full blown CTO.
  7. We bring a real world comprehensive understanding of technology, we don’t recommend technology for technology sake. We recommend technology which enhances, underpins and reduces costs
  8. We work with and for you and our goal and focus is to help make your organisation successful and profitable. IT can be an enabler or a cost depending how it is used and managed. Get it wrong and the costs can be more than just financial.
  9. We document everything and work with your technical teams to ensure that they have complete visibility and understanding of the systems you use. More importantly we will create an IT strategy that underpins and enhances your business plan
  10. We offer advice, we want you to succeed and having IT as an enabler is a powerful tool in any organisations arsenal.
  11. More importantly you’re not alone we have a team of experts so if we don’t know the answer immediately we have the team and the contacts to find it out quickly. Enabling you to make truly informed decisions for your organisation.


My team and I pride ourselves on delivering quality cost effective service to every customer no matter what size they are. If your still unsure give us a call and we will put you in touch with some of our customers who are already benefiting from our service.

As Stuart Pettman director at Live Squawk and Market Tutors said “to get someone with the level of experience and breadth of knowledge that the Nico Directors bring to my organisation would cost me well over six figures. For a small monthly fee, I have someone on call that I can trust to help me make the right decisions for my company. They do monthly IT meetings where we discuss the requirements of the business and they give us regular updates and reports. This has literally saved me thousands of pounds and move importantly when I make a decision it is an informed one”.

John Vickers, Managing Director at Blue Abyss said “We are about to deliver a revolutionary diving and research experience here in the UK, we are not IT specialists but having Paul and his team available to help when we need it, means that we are able to make informed, pragmatic and far-sighted decisions ”.